Wood Gatlin Writer, entrepreneur, and good life enthusiast, Michael “Wood” Gatlin and his creation of “‘Wood Laws’ has successfully amassed a huge social media fan base. In a small period of time, the live broadcasting of ‘Wood Laws’ has drawn in over 3 million video views, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes. With a fan base of over 50k devoted *Wood’s Angels-, it’s safe to say the positive movement campaign is well on its way to greatness

Although characterized as a persuasive communicator, Woods states that his true passion is writing. Ranging from a wide spectrum of subjects such as self-help, to socio-economic issues, and thoughts on love, Wood’s has tackled it all. Currently, his writing focus is on ways to exceed the limitations artificially placed on one’s life. In addition, Wood is also tackling the issues that tend to plague interpersonal relation-ships; holding both men and women accountable. This has led to Woods as often being referred to as a real life version of “Hitch”.

After years of ghostwriting books for others, Wood will release his highly anticipated book with a very special surprise coauthor in 2019. Stay tuned, it is sure to be best seller!