Began playing tennis at age 10. Coached by Angel Lopez. Married Willard Jackson September 21, 1989 (became engaged day before departure to 1989 Australian Open)…Both parents are deceased; youngest of seven children…Middle name is Lynna…Likes jogging and softball; played in high school (pitcher and shortstop)…Likes artwork, especially making her own painted T-shirts…Often makes appearances at schools to give motivational talks to youngsters; in 1988, founded the Zina Garrison Foundation to provide funds and support for the homeless, youth organizations, anti-drug groups and other charitable groups; started Zina Garrison All-Court Tennis program in summer of 1992 to give inner-city children the opportunity to build self-esteem and learn about themselves through tennis; after she retires, wants to open a homeless shelter and start junior tennis programs around Texas…Received a dog, Gizmo, on her birthday at the 1995 WTA Tour Championships.