Deceased pop legend Whitney Houston will once again be the subject of another documentary entitled “Whitney”. A new teaser trailer has been released for the documentary. The documentary is reported to have in depth commentary from family and friends who knew her best. A new has been released for the upcoming Whitney Houston documentary, Whitney

“I Have Nothing,” the Oscar-nominated song from the film The Bodyguard, is featured in the trailer. Clips of Houston’s private life, including her childhood, behind the scenes of concerts, music videos and interviews, are played between shots of her loved ones describing her talent and impact. With regard to her singing ability, her mother, Cissy Houston says, “You have three places to sing from: heart, mind, guts. She learned them all.”

Directed by Kevin MacDonald the film aims to show how much of a simple life the single legend llived.  According to the trailer, “You don’t know her story until you hear the truth.”

Whitney will premiere at Cannes Film Festival before its release in the United States on July 6.