A longtime employee of the University of Massachusetts Amherst who says he was questioned by plainclothes officers after someone called police to report an “agitated” black male on campus said he was clearly a victim of racial profiling.

Reginald Andrade was following his normal daily routine Friday, walking from his morning workout to his job in the disability office in the university’s Whitmore Administration Building, he told The Daily Hampshire Gazette.

An unidentified person called the university’s anonymous tip line to report an agitated black man carrying a low-hanging duffel bag, according to a transcript of the call.

Two officers questioned Andrade without telling him why, said Andrade, who has worked at the university for 14 years. The building was locked down for about 30 minutes.

“How can somebody just walk by me, not even speaking, and try to discern that I was agitated?” Andrade said. “This is when it becomes dangerous, when people know how to push the buttons of law enforcement.”

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