The manhunt continues for a Philadelphia man in connection with the murder of a mother in front of her baby early Friday morning.

Tyrese Lynch, 33, has been named as a suspect in the shooting death of his girlfriend Isis Williams.

Authorities found Williams dead around 4 a.m. Friday inside a home on the 6300 block of North Woodstock Street in Logan.

Police believe Lynch shot Williams in the head with her 5-day-old daughter in a crib just steps away.”Her mother heard the shots,” said Agyeman. The mother of three had given birth just days before. The baby girl, now 1-week-old, is staying with Williams’ aunt.

“Even though I may be the one that ends up raising her, she’s gonna know that Isis is her mother and that she was loved,” she said.

The aunt of Williams, Aspara Agyeman, said Williams was on the phone with her mother when gunshots rang out.

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