‘She’s In Charge’ Star Veronica “Pooh” Nash Is Helping A Ton of People In Her New Show

You might know Veronica “Pooh” Nash-Poleate from her viral video “Don’t Go in the Shark’s House.” (If you haven’t seen it, you must go watch it!) Ever since becoming a viral sensation, fans have been reaching out to Pooh for advice. She’s a school guidance counselor with degrees in psychology and education– making it something she not only has a passion for, but is also trained to do.

Though she loves the online conversations with her loyal fans, Pooh’s decided it is time to hit the road and meet them in person. On TLC’s new show, She’s In Charge, she’ll be making house calls – giving advice and spreading love every step of the way.

What we love most about the folks Pooh is helping, is how much we can relate to their stories. If they’re not asking for advice on an issue we ourselves have dealt with, we know someone who has.

Check out some of the fans that Pooh is heading out to help, and see why there’s a little bit of them in each of us. Then watch She’s In Charge when it premieres, Tuesday, March 7th at 10/9c.

An overbearing mom who can’t let go of her son, though he’s ready to tie the knot.
We all know a mom like this, right?

A CEO who needs help managing her employees.
Who can’t relate to problems in the workplace?

A couple whose relationship has lost all excitement and romance.
If there’s nothing else spark lit, especially after so many years.

A mother and daughter who just can’t seem to get on the same page.
What child and parent don’t clash?

The 30-year-old who is still chasing a potentially unrealistic dream.
Surely you know someone who ditched the traditional nine-to-five in hopes of achieving a, shall we say, less common lifelong dream.

A strict set of parents who just can’t seem to give their 18-year-old any space.
Every kid knows a set of parents like this, while they’re growing up.

The single woman who needs help stepping out into the dating world.
We all need a little help in this department, at one time or another. (Or many!)

Parents with extremely different parenting styles.
Good cop – bad cop, we all know that game.

Significant others who are holding onto secrets that they’re afraid to reveal.
Regardless of the countless unrealistic happy endings portrayed in chick flicks, we know that keeping secrets doesn’t bode well for a healthy relationship.

The wild child who needs help getting back on track.
Oh, yes, the ‘wild child phase.’

The bad roommate, and the three who are on the last straw.
Cue the nostalgia, this takes us back to college. Living with that many people is never easy.

The husband who isn’t bringing home any bacon, but still spends it all.
Finances–one of the absolute biggest causes of marital discord. (Just ask the couples of 90 Day Fiance!)
Like we said, all of these folks are navigating struggles that we can each relate to—and, who knows, maybe Pooh will end up helping you!