A Canadian casino has had to issue an apology after Drake accused the business of racism.

The “Scorpion” rapper took to his Instagram stories on Saturday to call out the Parq Casino in Vancouver for racially profiling him and refusing to allow him to gamble.

Drake told his over 50 million followers that the casino was the “worst run business I have ever witnessed,” on his Instagram stories.

“… profiling me and not allowing me to gamble when I had everything they originally asked me for,“ he continued.

The casino issued an apology in which it did not deny Drake’s accusation. According to CBC, Parq Vancouver is a resort with two luxury hotels and the only casino in Vancouver’s downtown core.

“You may be aware of a situation at our casino last night,” the statement said. “On behalf of Parq Vancouver, we would like to apologize for the experience our customer had.”

“We are operating in one of the most complex, highly regulated industries and are always looking to better our communication and customer service,” the statement continued. “We are constantly improving our communications process to ensure that these new regulations are better understood by all guests. We categorically stand against racism of any kind. We are committed to providing a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all.”

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