After rapper and businessman Jay-Z’s remarks on the premiere of CNN’s “The Van Jones Show,” US President Donald Trump insisted his term achieved the ‘lowest rate ever recorded’ on Black Unemployment status.

In the show hosted by Van Jones, the host asked Jay-Z if it’s OK for Trump to say terrible things in exchange of putting money in their pockets, as the President claimed that unemployment for African-Americans has dropped.

“(No) because it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point … You treat people like human beings. That’s the main point,” Jay-Z answered. “It goes back to the whole thing — ‘treat me really bad and pay me well.’ It’s not going to lead to happiness, it’s going to lead to, again, the same thing. Everyone’s going to be sick.”

Jay-Z’s statement prompted Trump to post a tweet on his personal Twitter account.

According to CNN, the latest unemployment rate for African-Americans is 6.8 percent, while the rate is 3.7 percent for white people. Both the African-American rate and the overall rate have declined steadily since 2010.

Moreover, the Black employment improvement over the years showed as in 1990, only 11.3 percent of African Americans had four-year college degrees, compared to 22 percent for whites, according to Census data. In 2017, those numbers had risen to 24 percent and 34.5 percent.