Nicki Minaj is allegedly in major trouble for one of her most recent songs. Per TMZ, singer Tracy Chapman is suing her for ripping off the lyrics to her 1998 song “Baby Can I Hold You.”

In “Sorry,” Tracy claims that Nicki used half her lyrics and basically her entire melody. She also claims that Nicki’s people reached out to her multiple times to ask permission to sample the song, which they rejected, and Nicki did it anyway.

In August, Nicki wrote in a now-deleted tweet that “Sis said no,” which the suit alleges is in reference to Tracy denying her request.

The song was supposed to be on Nicki’s newest album, but it didn’t end up on the final version. Her team pulled it. Two different DJs played it on radio stations anyways, and Twitter users picked up on the fact that it sounded really similar to Tracy’s.

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