Los Angeles, CA- Tracey Edmonds, an award-winning television and feature film producer, savvy business mogul, and TV personality will launch her new lifestyle, health and wellness media brand, AlrightNow.com on New Year’s Day. Designed to inspire its audience to find the inner strength to thrive through thick and thin, AlrightNow will supply its readers with engaging articles and videos presenting the latest, actionable tools for attaining radiant health, fitness, meaningful relationships, and career success.

“I have always been on a quest. Throughout my life and my career I have searched for ways to improve myself, build fortitude, and access a higher wisdom to help me along the way. As a result, healthy eating, yoga, and meditation have become essential disciplines I practice every day. Although I have been blessed to have enjoyed many successes, I have also weathered my share of challenges. Losing my mother and my father in the space of this last year has been particularly devastating for me. I know it is the work I have put in to be as physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy as possible that has carried me through. That’s why I decided to create AlrightNow; to help people connect to their higher selves, that inner source of love, peace, and happiness that isn’t dependent on anyone else,” says Edmonds.

Knowing that a majority of health and emotional issues are caused by lifestyle choices, AlrightNow will curate experts in the health, wellness, fitness, career, and relationship spaces, along with ground breaking doctors, trusted spiritual leaders, and top-tier healthy chefs to deliver the most informative, current, and progressive content and tools to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Its action-oriented content category titles, Be Healthy, Be Fit, Relate, Succeed, and Escape (a guide to today’s most rejuvenating spas and hottest travel spots), reflect the brand’s aim to motivate people to make an active change for their better selves.