Co founder of Sisters In Power

We travel to different areas in the US, in hopes that women will join us in feeling empowered. Celebrities and other guests on the panel will talk about their experiences and answer questions. Everybody has a different background and story, and it is truly stimulating to listen to and relate to each one of them. The goal of these sessions is for you to walk away feeling supported, confident, and motivated to improve your life. Reach the highest potential you can be along with like-minded people in a setting that is safe, fun and informative.

Sisters in Power wants to bring women together of all nationalities, races and ethnic backgrounds.  Our events are a judge-free zone, and are for women from all walks of life. We respect everyone’s story and understand that we are not all the same.  These events are an opportunity for all women to grow and reach their highest potential, while also feeling a sense of support from other women in their communities. The events allow for us to network and learn from other women who have overcome adversity.