Let’s take a journey back down memory lane. Black shows have resurged within the last few years with some notable ones winning awards like Donald Glover’s Emmy award winning Atlanta and Issa Rae’s Peabody Award winning Insecure.

Well here a list of some the shows that opened doors for them including Black-ish which is currently in its 5th season.

10. What’s Happening!!

Aired: ABC, 1976-1979

9. Girlfriends

Aired: UPS/CW, 2000-2008

8. Black-ish

Aired: ABC, 2014- Present

7. One-on-One

Aired: UPN, 2001-2006

6. The Wayans Brother

Aired: The WB, 1995-1999

5. Living Single

Aired: On Fox 1993-1998

4. Martin

Aired: Fox, 1992-1997

3. The Cosby Show

Aired: NBC, 1984-1992

2. The Jeffersons

Aired: CBS, 1975-1985

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Aired: NBC, 1990-1996