The struggling island of Puerto Rico has lost power again on Wednesday when a toppled transmission line caused a total blackout, this is all after the island has struggled to recover from Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, or PREPA, tweeted about the island-wide power outage just before 10 a.m. It could take as long as 36 hours to restore electricity to everyone, according to PREPA.

Hospitals, banks and the San Juan airport will get priority before power is back on in homes and businesses, the company said. The island continuous to lose power on because of isolated incidents. Just last week, half the island lost power when a tree fell on a power line.

PREPA’s interim director Justo González said Wednesday that Cobra Energy, a U.S. private contractor, hit the transmission line with a crane, as reported in El Nuevo Dia. The same company caused the big outage last week when it caused a tree to fall on a line, the article says.