Texas Advancement Center (TAC), an educational hub for North Texas, has announced a generous donation of educational scholarships for its critical education courses and benefits, to those airline industry workers recently furloughed. As of October 1, 2020, up to 50,000 airline workers across the country – including pilots, baggage handlers, flight attendants, counter agents and more, were furloughed. As many as 19,000 of these individuals were employees of DFW-based airline, American Airlines.

“It is very important that the Texas Advancement Center takes action now – as Texas receives more than 19,000 unemployment requests from flight attendants alone,” says Marion Skinner, Founder of the Texas Advancement Center. “We can’t just sit back and watch the unemployment rate continue to rise. This initiative is a part in our fight in winning the war against unemployment.”

With programming geared towards high school students, post-secondary graduates, unemployed and underemployed adults within the workforce – the scholarships will allow grantees access to job training opportunities and certifications to assist with future job placements in high demand industries. The TAC’s curriculum is well suited for those in search of career advancement, entrepreneurship endeavors or competitive skills acquisition for the current (and rapidly fluctuating) job market.

The TAC has a vast educational portfolio designed to offer a quality education in competitive and essential fields. Currently, students are able to choose from the following areas of learning, taught by some of the industry’s top leaders:

· Computer A+

· Computer Networking

· Medical Billing & Coding

· Medical Front Desk

· Nursing Assistants

· Commercial Drivers

Interested applicants are invited to visit TexasAdvancementCenter.com to apply. The TAC will award at its own cost full scholarships that provide the below benefits:

· Covers the Cost of Certified Training

· Career Counseling

· Job Placement

· Entrepreneurship Training and Assistance

· Resume Writing

· Professional Networking

Additionally, the TAC will pay the student’s bills (in upwards to $800) for those that enroll and are accepted into any of the courses. For more information, visit TexasAdvancementCenter.com or call the TAC at 972-595-2668. The center is located at 3906 Melcer Road, Suite 301, Rowlett, TX 75088. Due to COVID-19, e-learning options are available for certain courses, in addition to several other virtual learning options Contact the TAC for full details. #KeepTexansWorking #TexansWeGotThis