Zandra, a leading plant-based social good company that educates and empowers girls and women across the globe via STEAM & Entrepreneurial education, partners with Target.

To mark the first time that Zandra products will be available in Target Stores, Zandra A. Cunningham the Teen-Founder, and CEO has curated a target exclusive Gift Box that will introduce Target shoppers to the brand.

“I am so excited to offer my unique brand of American made yuck free products in an exclusive gift box designed specifically for Target. This is yet another dream come true for me. I am working hard to pave the way for other indie brands with teen CEO’s. My journey hasn’t been easy but it will forever be worth it. I am on a mission to shatter the status quo, and with partners like Target, I am making that happen,” said Zandra the 18-year old entrepreneur.

To start, Target will stock an exclusive gift box which will include Zandra Hand & Body Lotion – a moisturizing, nourishing and repairing formula made with skin-loving whipped butters and oils;an Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – designed to exfoliate the body for a natural glow; and the famous Lip & Body Balm – handcrafted in small batches from a blend of Zandra’s favorite oils and fair trade Shea butter to create the ultimate moisturizer for on the go. All are free of chemicals.

From its Buffalo-based lab, Zandra combines the art of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) to create 50 nutrient-rich skin care products; each naturally proven to nourish, heal and improve sensitive skin. Natural ingredients are the bedrock of Zandra skin care and a lasting alternative to commercial products with yucky unhealthy ingredients.

The award-winning brand continues to expand with a full range of facial care. Zandra offers DIY STEAM beauty & entrepreneurial programming and has national distribution reaching over 900 locations across the country.

As CEO and Founder, Zandra is an accomplished girl’s education advocate, business mentor, international speaker, and philanthropist. She leads a number of philanthropy initiatives that support the Zandra philosophy to educate and empower girls on the move through advocacy, community-building, and inspired leadership.

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