Stephen Curry is confident in his team regardless of Lebron signing with the Lakers and now playing in the same conference.

There was a recent sentiment that the Warriors are “ruining the NBA” because of the team winning three of the last four NBA championships.

Adding to the Warriors lineup is Demarcus Cousins which will now have the Warriors starting lineup consisting of five All Stars.

Curry stated “So everybody says how we’re ruining the NBA – I love that phrasing; it’s the dumbest phrase ever. We are always trying to find a way to get better. If we were just happy with winning a championship and staying stagnant, we wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice. Obviously with KD (Kevin Durant signing in 2016), with DeMarcus this summer, with the bench guys that we’ve been able to sign, everybody is trying to get better and we just happen to be the ones who set the pace and set the narrative around how you need to structure your team to beat us.”

The Warriors are definitely on Lebron and the Lakers radar as the team to knock out of the conference for Lebron’s chance at a NBA championship.