There is a big lack of diversity and underrepresentation of people of color in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teaching and leadership fields. The Smithsonian Science Education Center hopes to diversify the individuals entering these fields. The Smithsonian will host a STEM teacher leadership summit Feb. 23–25 at Howard University funded by Shell Oil Company in collaboration with the Howard University School of Education and powered by Teach to Lead.

The leadership summit will partner with notable educators from around the nation as they aim to create plans for attracting, retaining and developing a diverse STEM teaching workforce in their districts, positioning themselves as catalysts for systemic change. “The Howard University School of Education is proud to be engaged in the work of diversifying the STEM teacher pipeline in urban school districts across the nation,” said Dawn Williams, Ph.D., dean of the Howard University School of Education.

With ongoing efforts, the summit is looking to increase interest and career opportunities in the STEM research fields.