Slim Thug with his company Boss Life Construction,, and Radio One Houston stations: 97.9 The Box, 92.1 Radio Now, and Majic 102.1 partnered together this summer to give a little extra hope to those affected by Hurricane Harvey with a special Home Giveaway Contest. The contest has been running since July 9th with announcements taking place on Radio One Houston stations and having listeners affected by Hurricane Harvey call in explaining their experience of losing a home due to the storm. The requirements were for previous homeowners to have lost their home due to complications with Hurricane Harvey. After receiving over 4,000 entries, the partners announced the 10 finalists on August 27, 2018 during a press conference held at Radio-One Houston. Several of the finalists and their families were able to share their stories on-air at all three Radio-One Houston stations.

“My home was destroyed by Harvey.  I tried to get help from FEMA, and they turned me down.  Finally, a government agency came out.  They looked at my house and came out and tore out the floors in January.  They didn’t return until May.  When I called them back to see when they were going to complete the job, they said the program was over. So there I was with no help except from family and friends.”shared, Georgianna Broussard, one of the finalist. purchased the home and with the help of Boss Life Construction, the home has been fully renovated for a family who did not let Harvey Win!  On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 each family will be on-site at the renovated home where they will each be provided with a key to unlock the door to the home. There will only be one key that actually unlocks the door, in which that family will become the new homeowner of the Harvey Did Not Win Home Giveaway! The remaining families will each receive a check from, Radio-One, and Boss Life Construction in efforts to continue rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Harvey.

Tangela Williams- Simon, also a Harvey survivor, expressed her deepest gratitude, “I want to thank my teammate, because without God and my husband I don’t know how I would be able to get up still in the morning. We’re a foster family, and in that home, we have fostered 34 kids.  And through all of this, we still got up and kept all those kids – 6 kids and a little dog and we got out on a boat.”

Founded in 2015, Boss Life Construction isn’t just building homes, they are rebuilding communities.  Partners Slim Thug, Cory Crawford, and Troy Green have dedicated themselves to building affordable homes without sacrificing quality.  They began building in the Acres Home area of Houston and have built as many as ten (10) houses on the same block.

“It’s an honor to partner with a radio outlet that has supported me from day one, and, an organization that has worked side by side with Boss Life Construction since the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Our collective goal is to turn the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey into a blessing for a family who deserves it most.” Says Co-founder of Boss Life Construction, Slim Thug.

Since launching in 2007, David Godsey and Justin Martin have dedicated themselves to helping tens of thousands in our community have their voices heard.  They have since grown to become one of the largest personal injury law firms in the United States.