Houston: Police and fire officials said another shooting incident took place in a mall that left 9 civilians injured on Monday morning. Six wounded were being transported to the nearest hospitals and one is reported to be in critical condition and another civilian is considered serious.

“We have several with extremity injuries,” an official told reporters. “We have a couple that are more serious.” The reason behind the shooting is still unknown and no confirmation yet if it’s an act of terrorism. Several people were hit with glass fragments from shattered car windows. A fire official said some people were shot while inside their cars.

Police scanners reported at 6:30 a.m. that a male suspect was firing on vehicles with a revolver, according to ABC13. The suspect was shot and killed, according to police.The gunman was known to law enforcement, officials said, and several guns were found in the man’s car, which was being examined by a bomb squad.

“At this time, the shooting scene is believed to be contained, but residents are asked to please avoid the area of Wesleyan St, between Westpark Drive and Bissonnet Street as it is still an active response and investigation scene,” the alert read. The Houston Fire Department confirmed to ABC News that the shooting began at 6:29 a.m. at a Petco store.