A popular young reporter for NewsChannel 9 has been terminated by Sinclair Broadcasting as she battles cancer.

Alex George wrote on her Twitter account on Friday, “Hi all, I want to clarify for those who asked. I want to assure you that treatment is going incredibly well. The decision was not made by me it was @WeAreSinclair. They terminated my contract.”

The 22-year-old Ms. George had made an emotional announcement live in early May that she had been diagnosed at a local hospital with a malignant tumor. She vowed to “go home to Philadelphia, get treatment and kick cancer’s butt and come right back here.”

She said, “The people here and in this community have become ingrained in my life. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon here in Chattanooga.”

Ms. George reportedly got a call from Sinclair officials on Nov. 19 about the termination. Her profile page has since been taken down from the station’s website. A week later, Mike Costa announced that he was resigning after 14 years as general manager. He gave no specific reason.

Ms. George had been selected as the most popular local reporter in a Times Free Press poll.