Racial discrimination is said to link with the black youth’s higher level of stress hormone cortisol according to the team of Northwestern University researchers who also confirmed previous studies regarding this matter. There is a high adverse impact of cognition brought by a high level of stress hormones. Perceived discrimination and stereotyping are the two specific sources of stress.

The researchers have found that the Black students’ perception regarding teachers treating them differently or unfairly could contribute substantially to reduce academic motivation, confidence, low grades, and academic milestones. Also, researchers have found that anxiety and stress are linked to stereotyping of academic inferiority. Black students also have developed negative coping mechanisms to reduce any racial discrimination and inferiority. Researchers also claim that racism is only one factor that contributes significantly to low academic performance and low self-esteem along with other factors such as poor quality schools and lack or resources in their schools.

The ideal solution for this according to the researchers is to eliminate racial discrimination, but the most productive and positive way is reinforcing positive racial identities. This solution would be achieved if teachers treat their students equally without looking at their students’ ethnic backgrounds and to let them engage freely in school activities. The school should initiate to build school organizations for students to meet and communicate openly in order to combat any racial tension and negative perceptions regarding a person’s racial identity.