Quadvest, a local privately owned water and sewer utility company in Montgomery County, Texas, has taken the lead to donate 1,500 N95 surgeon masks to the Methodist Hospital in The Woodlands to help during this crisis with the COVID-19. With the communities experiencing this unprecedented time in history, Quadvest is flattening the curve and assisting healthcare providers and those who are most at risk.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded that taking care of our communities is critical and providing support to groups working tirelessly on the front lines is of utmost urgency, quoted Mandi Brown, Director of Human Resources/PR/CHO at Quadvest. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and committed to the highest standards and integrity, Quadvest has demonstrated this public health challenge and calls for further collaborative action from others to help.

“In these unprecedented times, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the businesses in our community that have made generous, compassionate donations of clinical supplies to our hospital. Quadvest’s donation of 1,500 N95 masks shows the company’s thoughtful commitment to the well-being of the community. This donation helps ensure our nurses and physicians have what they need to stay safe while caring for patients; and for that, we are extremely grateful,” said Debbie Sukin, Chief Executive Officer, Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, Regional Senior Vice President, Houston Methodist.

At Quadvest, there is profound respect and gratitude for healthcare workers, first responders and all those who are volunteering to serve the communities at this time. Right now, the focus is to help!