Texas educators, parents, and students welcomed the spring break with a rally on Monday, March 13, asking to ‘stand up for public schools’ and give the public schools the funding they deserve as funds are not fairly allocated across the state.

“Say no to vouchers. They are not good for public schools, they are not good for the kids,” said Alliance/AFT president Rena Honea.


About 2,300 teachers fight for their advocacy in Austin, Texas on Monday, March 13.


Earlier this year, thousands have rallied in Austin in favor of school vouchers that will use public money to fund private education. They believe it could help level the playing field for kids who perform lower in public schools and could not afford to attend a private school.

The Alliance strongly disagree with this, figuring a voucher program would not equate to more choices for their children’s education, only taking a much-needed funding away from public schools, with less accountability.

“t’s not really a choice that makes a lot of sense. It takes public dollars away from our public schools that are doing a tremendous job. We don’t turn students away, we don’t get rid of them, we open our doors and say, ‘You’re welcome here,'” said Honea.