If there is one thing that can be said about former president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama is that they broke the model of a system that was traditionally held by white individuals since the indoctrination of this country. The Obamas reached the highest positions in politics all while being unapologetically black.

African-American artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald understands the importance of the Obamas legacy and decided to showcase the typical presidential portraits in a very atypical way. So, atypical that it was quite brilliant.

Kehinda Wiley, is known for using black subjects and engulfing them with flowers that act as triumphant backdrop. Wiley, work is depictive of showing black individuals dressed in urban “round the way” street gear who might not have been necessarily seen as a person of notoriety and honoring them almost as a rose out of concrete.

Artist Amy Sherald, paintings use beautiful colors and patterns on muted black subjects allowing her the patterns and color to tell the story.

The paintings were revealed Monday in Washington D.C. at the National Portrait Gallery by the first ever African-American artists to be commissioned by the gallery to paint the official portraits.