It’s been an emotional-political whiplash of how the 2016 presidential campaign is going. Many black Americans feel the pressure and tension of how this will end up. Black voters have experienced nostalgia, disgust, and ambivalence due to the presidential candidates’ campaign and propagandas. Many see Donald Trump as a racist, and the other is Hillary Clinton in which people are doubtful if what their saying will benefit the black community. Moreover, the last several years have been full of the same storyline, repeated over and over again but with new names now such as police killing unarmed black people with no legit and accurate reasons.

Poll numbers recently have shown the presidential candidates current standing when it comes to the votes of the black community and the candidate they like. Hillary Clinton has drawn overwhelming support in the black community while Donald Trump has found next to none but they are less excited about the elections and are more concerned about the state of American politics.Notably, the main point of discourse seems to be tied to race. Well, it used to be about economics and the boundary between people who have and who don’t know, but now it centers around what race people belong.

This year’s Presidential campaign seems to have taken a toll on younger black voters seeing how corrupted and bias the past administrations are and to think of the welfare of the next generations in the coming years. Many have experienced watching nasty and belligerent elections when it comes to presidential politics. Some of them may still be smarting after the primaries, too. Voters expressed little hope that America’s racial climate will get better anytime soon, no matter who wins the election.