Viktor Stevenson had been testing out his security system Thursday at Gourmonade, which he had opened five days earlier, when four police officers approached him, he told NBC Bay Area.

“I say, ‘Oh, did the security system go off? If it did, my apologies. I am on the phone with the company now,'” Stevenson told the news outlet. That’s when the police told him a neighbor had reported him for “breaking into” the stand, he said.

The cops asked to see his hands, which were in his pockets, and told him to prove it was his store, Stevenson said. When he showed them his store key, they asked to see his ID as well, according to Stevenson.

“Being black at my business minding my business and someone called the police and said I was breaking in,” Stevenson wrote in a Facebook post Thursday. “People die because of this kinda misuse of police resources and racial profiling everyday.”

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