“We have a limited number of days on this planet, so give as much as you can, serve as best you can, and love as hard as you can…” John W. Gray III was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the product of two musically gifted parents, John W. Gray Jr. and Alice Gray. John showed an early affinity for music and was directing the choir at seven years old. His passion for music and the arts was evident throughout his formative as he was a part of every theatrical production at church and at school. He graduated from Withrow High School, and then accepted an academic scholarship to The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio where he continued to pursue music and acting. A sudden and devastating illness to John’s beloved grandmother at the beginning of his sophomore year caused John to lose focus on his academics and he subsequently flunked out of school after that semester. Derailed temporarily, John headed home to seek direction and clarity for his next move. He subsequently enrolled in The University of Cincinnati and became a part of the traveling Gospel Choir that represented the school around the country. While home, John heeded the call to the preached ministry on the Sunday of his 21st birthday and preached his first sermon that September. His life would never be the same. It was clear to John that God wanted him to be a bridge builder and that comedy would be a gateway to bring people together. John continues to defy description and labels by seamlessly integrating worship, laughter, preaching, exhortation, and encouragement into one experience. He has traveled and performed in multiple plays, as well as penned them. John won an international short film competition for his beautiful work called, “Before I Wake”. He has been on several television shows as well as a co-host on FOX talk show, “The Preachers”, which had a test run Summer 2016. He was an Ebony Power 100 honoree based on that show’s performance and reviews. John was deeply humbled by his induction into the inaugural class of Oprah’s Winfrey’s Super Soul 100. As an in demand speaker, John has traveled the world sharing faith and the Gospel in his own very unique and uncompromising way. Having served multiple churches in the capacities of youth, young adults, and Single’s pastor, John was well prepared for his current assignment. He is now one of the Associate Teaching Pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen. Where God takes him in the future, he is determined to serve and lead with passion, humility, and power. John is quick to acknowledge that although he is grateful for the places he has been allowed to go, as well as the ministries and other entities that have opened their doors to him, nothing compares to the joy of his life, Aventer, his wife of six years, and their two children, John W. Gray IV (Four) and Theory Aspyn-Sky Gray (TuTu).