‘the geometry of being Black’ is a book that probes into the effects of anti-Blackness on the Black community. Divided into five segments: receiving, internalizing, unlearning, loving and resisting; the book delves into how the Black community receives and internalizes anti-Blackness, how the community can unlearn and resist anti- Blackness, and how the community can begin to love it’s Blackness in a world that does not let it.

“We are living through a Black creative renaissance. Black creatives are finding innovative ways to confront how anti-Blackness has been threaded into the bricks in our foundations. This book is part to this rebirth,” the author explains.

While the first half of the book delves into themes such as police brutality, colorism, Black womanhood, toxic masculinity, and internalized hate; the second half of the book is about restoring the community. Many of the poems in this section touch on unlearning self-hate, fostering love within the community, and strengthening the fight against anti-Blackness.

What makes the book revolutionary is that it isn’t just about Black suffering. Beginning at suffering, and ending at empowerment, ‘the geometry of being Black’ is a journey about healing racial trauma. The book will break your heart open in the beginning, fill it with love in the middle, and sow it back up at the end.

“Our community needs healing, and I believe this book is a step towards that,” Ogorchukwu says.

‘the geometry of being Black’ is available on Amazon from June 22 2018. The ISBN for the book is 978-1719276009. To order a copy today online, click on this link: