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Basketball Hall of Famer Spencer Haywood has expressed his thoughts on collegiate players not being able to play in the NBA until they are 19 years of age and other NCAA-related issues.

In an interview with Sean Deveney of Sporting News, Haywood stated his disdain for the current rules regarding the players:

“If you have 11 blacks on your team and you are, say, in Kentucky, and they’re creating all this wealth but not getting paid? It does have a tinge of slavery.

“It is what it is. It is very racist because they’re not helping the communities where those kids come from, Chicago and Detroit and so on.”

Haywood sided with Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy, who called the defense of the one-and-done rule “racist,” per the Detroit Free PressVince Ellis.

Haywood was once a collegiate player who attempted to enter the 1969 NBA draft. However, rules prevented underclassmen from playing in the NBA, but Haywood filed an antitrust suit against the NBA that contributed to the rule later getting changed.

Haywood also showed concern with the fact college athletes don’t get paid despite generating significant revenue for the NCAA:

“They just got a contract from CBS [and TNT], $8.8 billion, and if you are making that, I think you have to share some revenue. You can’t expect people to continue to work for nothing on a false hope of, well this is about education, we are getting you an education, we will feed you. It sounds a little like 400 years ago, like slavery. Stay in your hut. Stay in that little house. We’ll give you some food. You do all of the work. All of it. And I am telling you that I will take care of you.”

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