Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill said on social media Monday he would not play for the Bulldogs this upcoming season unless the state flag is changed.

Hill tweeted in response to Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, who posted on Twitter that a proposal among some in the state legislature to create a second Mississippi flag “does not meet the threshold” and would “divide our state more.”

In response, Hill tweeted, “Either change the flag or I won’t be representing this State anymore & I meant that .. I’m tired.”

In a subsequent tweet, Hill, who was born and raised in Mississippi, cited the flag’s controversial history for his ultimatum.

Last week, the NCAA expanded its Confederate flag policy to prohibit all its championship events from being played in states that fly the flag, including regional sites in sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse and women’s basketball.

Mississippi is the only state flag that features the banner of the Confederacy — a blue cross with 13 white stars.

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