Minnesota’s Only Black-Owned Comic Book Store

By Julian Shen-Berro

In Burnsville, Minnesota, Eric Childs has found a way to help young people understand and embrace black history: comic books.

Childs, 41, is the owner of Mind’s Eye Comics, the only black-owned comic book store in the state. Since taking ownership of the store nearly two years ago, Childs has made it his mission to promote literacy for children and to encourage them to learn about black history through comic books. The stories of historic figures like Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela and James Brown line the shelves of his store alongside the typical superheroes.

Black history, Childs said, “shows what humanity is capable of overcoming.”

“It’s important for a lot of minority youth, black youth, to understand that we have a history here that is richer than just slavery — that there are also a lot of great achievements that have been made,” he said.

“I’ve always appreciated and understood that people can use this,” he said. “It’s a vessel to help overcome a lot of hurdles as far as education.”

Childs said he donated more than $2,000 in comic books to youth and after-school literacy programs last year, and he hopes to work more with school districts in the future.

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