Mike Singletary and Steve Spurrier among potential coaches for Alliance of American Football

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Many NFL coaches are vying for positions for the new upstart Alliance of American Football
Industry insiders are stating that several former NFL head coaches are potential targets to join the eight-team upstart spring league that is scheduled to begin play in February after Super Bowl 53 is completed.
Some of the names on the potential list are Mike Singletary who is a Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker and former San Francisco 49ers head coach. Steve Spurrier for Washington Redskins head coach and Rick Neuheisel who is a former Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach.
“For some older coaches, the Alliance will appeal as a chance to remain connected with the game sans the year-round commitment required to succeed at the NFL and college ranks. Others might view it as a chance to catch the attention of an NFL or college team in hopes of coaching at those levels in the future.” Stated Sporting News.
Salaries are rumored to be at the $500, 000 mark.