The Meaning of Mariah Carey might be making a jump from page to screen if the famous author has anything to say about it.

On Monday, Mariah Carey called in to chat with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, where they discussed her best-selling new memoir and whether a screen adaptation is in the near future.

“There’s rumors that it’s going to be adapted into a movie or a TV series — is that true?” asked the host.

“We’re talking about some things. I really feel like it should; that was always my goal,” replied the singer, 50.

“But it was important to write the book first, ’cause there’s so much, and then to pick and choose how we translate that,” she continued.

Fallon, 46, told his guest that he heard rumors that Lee Daniels, who directed her in 2009’s Precious, was “circling” the project — but Carey remained tight-lipped.

“We love Lee. Lee [is] one of my dearest friends and he gets me in a way that most people don’t,” said the “Fantasy” songstress. “But I’m not allowed to say yes, no, maybe so. Only Lee. Only Lee tells little leaks about things.”

As for who would play the musical legend onscreen, Carey admitted she wasn’t sure and said that her team is currently “figuring out different takes on that.”

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