memphis 10 at Al Rucker Show GuestMarcus Sullivan is known for his extensive work within the media industry. Before becoming a pillar from within his industry’s community, Mr. Sullivan started off as an intern with Cumulus Broadcasting’s KRWP POWER 97.5 in Houston, Texas. As his passion for media grew, so did the opportunities presented to him.

After a successful internship, he graduated from the University Of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary studies, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in the spring of 2003. While at the University, he also played football.

He went on to work for iheart radio’s 93.7 The Beat as an On-air radio personality. He also became a digital content reporter and producer for FOX 26 News. Because of his ability to be agile within an ever-changing marketplace, Mr. Sullivan is known for a powerful “on air” persona that attracts diverse audiences with ample reach.

His experience working in multiple radio formats led him to gain the position of “#1 Night Show” as well as “#1 Weekend Show” in Houston. Marcus Sullivan also brought his experience to KRBE 104.1., holding the positions of Promotions Assistant & Board Operator and receiving additional opportunities as a Production Director, Assistant to the Music Director, and Imaging Director. He then moved over to KPTY’s 104.9/93.3 where he further developed his skills as the Swing Jock and Night on- air Personality.

After fully developing his religious stance in life, Mr. Sullivan took a “leap of faith” and put his talents to work at Christian station KROI Praise 92.1 ,where he was employed as a syndicated morning show producer, an on-air personality, and a production director. This position later transitioned him to Radio One’s News 92FM as a Technical Producer and Sports Reporter.

The personal and professional career milestones only continued to grow, advancing Mr. Sullivan into the competitive world of TV news.