Houston native, Lori Bartley is committed to continuing Texas’ proud tradition of reform-minded leadership in Congress as she runs for the 18th Congressional District.
Like many from the Bayou City, Lori Bartley grew up under the long shadow of the working poor. As a direct descendant of Mathew Gaines (R-TX), a former slave turned Texas State Senator, her family’s roots and belief in fighting for freedom and aspiring to greatness goes back decades.

Shortly after the birth of her fourth child, the small business owner discovered her children suffered from serious mental illnesses. Having taught in the public school system and in seeking out the best educational solutions for their family, Lori came to realize the public education system offered an inexact cookie-cutter approach. Rather than leave their children’s success up to chance, Lori decided to fight for a free and equal education that would allow her children to be taught the way they learned. By citing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act she was able to achieve the very best combination of services necessary for her children to excel to the best of their ability through the public school system.

However, far too many families with the same needs face scarce options and lack the time and finances necessary to wage the same fight. That is why she is a firm believer in the necessity of School Choice and Entrepreneurship. Lori believes in advancing every American’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. After all, she knows entrepreneurship is the backbone of the economic system.

Lori has advocated for educational reform, mental illness, homelessness and elder care for over 20 years. She has an extensive background working in Probation, Education and Counseling. Her personal journey, as well as, her knowledge and skills as a Certified Mediator/Arbitrator will help her to serve CD 18 well.

She is a member of St. James Christian Church and a member of several organizations, including the National Association for Mental Illness and The National Alliance to End Homelessness. Lori and her husband are the proud parents of four wonderful children.


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