Loretta’s voice makes the difference. She thrives at just knowing that what comes through her is magnet to pulling out the best in others whether she’s training, speaking, coaching or singing. It’s a gift that you have to experience. “There are no limits to what one’s own D.A.R.E. can positively expose you to”, Loretta shares. I love bringing the greater out of ladies for you see most times we do not take time to include our own selves on our calendars and that’s a problem. But not for long, if Loretta can help it.

From her journey of non-profit management, to higher education fund development to education on all levels that science life to developing children, tweens and teens to mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners in strategizing their plans of action to empowering women and girls to Live Their SHINE all while being a wife and mother, Loretta she’s her journey as a gift to herself first and wants to share that with the world. As president & chief mentor of SUPERLady LIVE MOVEMENT, Loretta is fortunate to she ladies and girls realize their SHINE through authentic empowerment!
Sought after by conferences, companies, schools and growing entrepreneurs such as Governor Gregg Abbott’s Small Business Forum, The University of Houston Clear Lake’s Student Leadership Conference, The Texas One Woman Business Conference, Texas GAG and Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc., companies like these and other events and organizations hire Loretta Williams Gurnell when they want their teams to execute on a daily basis using practical yet impactful tools of everyday life.
As Loretta would share, “it’s my non-negotiables, that keep me grounded and moving forward in my assignment which are 1) my faith, 2) my family and 3) my freedom.” Affectionately known as ‘the voice of inspiration’ and admired as #SUPERLady, Loretta leads with her heart and soul drumming to her own beat of life.
Wise beyond her time, Loretta LOVES being in the company of older ladies who’ve seen, felt, shared, experienced and lived life on all levels. It’s a Titus 2 thing! Loretta’s “I D.A.R.E. you to!” training is contagious because she’s a testament of when you D.A.R.E., you begin to live and not simply exist.
Loretta’s a creator, innovator and strategic planner who through one-on-one coaching sessions, mastermind groups or professional development training sessions, Loretta’s I DARE you to training will have you charged and she will hold you accountable to your own DARE. Connect with her on all social media outlets : Loretta Williams Gurnell and visit www.SUPERLadyLIVE.com