For a young person, going to a job interview can be expensive. You need nice clothes and a case or handbag to hold your resume and other documents.

But if you live in New York, there’s help. The New York Public Library is making sure you dress to impress in all your interviews — as long as you don’t have any library card fines greater than $15.
The NYPL’s Riverside Library has rolled out a “Grow Up Work Fashion Library,” which lends out neckties, handbags and briefcases to responsible patrons.
The goal is to help anyone with limited resources to get clothing and accessories for interviews, graduations and other “business-like occasions.” The idea was born last year when Michelle Lee, a young adult librarian at the Riverside branch, was helping students prepare for college interviews and part-time jobs. Lee pitched it to the NYPL Innovation Project, which selects 25 proposals by library staff members to fund each year.
Successful projects have ranged from museum family-pass programs to a newspaper digitization project. This year, more than 300 proposals were submitted.
Those proposals, like Lee’s idea, are all programs or projects that aim to educate or otherwise benefit the libraries’ communities.
Lee helps teens and young adults prepare for their first job and has hosted library talks about resumes, job applications and what to wear for interviews.
“Many of the teens at the Riverside Library who attend my job-hunt talk did not know what would be appropriate to wear for job interviews, or did not have proper attire,” she said in her proposal.