Lebron James and Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Lebron James and Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Basketball great and television executive producer LeBron James has a few words for Alabama’s coach Nick Saban regarding his video series in which he is talking to a former receiver Julio Jones in a barbershop.

Lebron states that his series “Uninterrupted” is an original and that Laban is looking at copyright infringement charges.

Lebron spoke with ESPN and had these words: “I mean, I think you guys know Nick Saban more than me from a media perspective,” he said. “You guys know Nick Saban more than I do, so that’s exactly what I would think he would say. I built Uninterrupted for a reason and for us athletes to have a platform to be able to speak about whatever we want to talk about. I respect him as a coach, but I’ll be damned if I’ll allow someone to use our platform or try to do the same thing we’re doing and just think it’s OK.

“So, the lawyers will figure it out.”

Prior to that statement Saban had this to say: “I think LeBron James is a great player,” the coach said. “There’s been at least 20 barbershop-type things I’ve seen. I didn’t even know he had one. I’m sorry anybody could be offended by something we were just trying to have fun with. I enjoyed it and we’re going to continue to do it.”

We will follow this story and see how this goes.

Check out the video footage below: