Inspiration has been the motivation for all of the scripts created by Leah Davis, who has been writing and ghostwriting for over a decade. Leah’s scripts have been produced by prominent production companies, and her work can presently be seen on Netflix and Redbox. Leah has become well known for her tenacity in tackling controversial subjects and not being afraid of touching on sensitive issues to bring enlightenment. In 2014, she started a production company called This Rock Entertainment and teamed up with her nephew Benny Andrews, to bring Why Wait to life. Benny is an actor, singer, and choreographer, who has worked side by side with celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles. Some find it hard to work with family members, but Leah begs to differ: “Benny is an awesome partner and there was no other director who could capture the essence of theWhy Wait like him. He’s been a part of this production from the very first curtain call, and was an intricate part in making the movie a success.”