Kim Kardashian “Bo Derek Braids or Cultural Appropriation”

There is no secret that Mrs. Kardashian-West has been a social media icon for many years now; especially when it comes to posting provocative/attention seeking photos.
Her most recent posts (via Twitter and Instagram) feature her starting in what seems to be white lingerie and slowly stripping down to top-less poses.

We are no strangers to her nude posing, but her recent hair style has caught the eye of many views more than anything yet again. She has been witnessed to addressing her cornrows as, “Bo Derek Braids” paying homage to the white actress for the film, “10.” Simply paying homage and credit where it is not due nor earned.

The ancient African hair style can be dated as far back as 3000 B.C; worn by women in paintings found in the Tassili Plateau of the Sahara. It has been a pillar in the black community for centuries for both men and women.

This is not the first time Kardashian-West has been given backlash for her non-cultural appropriate attempts to “trying something new” with her hair or style of clothing.
Let us hope that this will not be a sign of things to continue in 2018.


Herman Dugbartey, The Al Rucker Show