A text led basketball star Kevin Durant to score 38 points to lead the Golden State Warriors to a win against the New Orleans Pelicans in Game 4 of the series on Sunday.

Teammate Draymond Green sent Durant a text at 4 A.M. according to Chris Haynes of ESPN.

So apparently, Green does not sleep well when they lose games. Green texted Durant

“I can’t sleep when we lose like that,” referring to their previous lost. Green stayed up all night watching the film.

And apparently, Green did not like what he saw from Durant on the tape, who struggled in Game 3, scoring 22 points on 8-for-18 shooting.

“I didn’t see him attacking or being aggressive enough on both ends of the floor like we need him to be. You know, I don’t hold back. When I see something’s wrong, I have to voice my opinion. There were no hard feelings,” Green said.

When Durant finally got the text, per Haynes, his response was simple: “I got you.”

“In short, [Green] said don’t worry about s— else but playing with force and being aggressive,” Durant said. “And I tried to do that as much as possible today. I wasn’t aggressive in Game 3, and I knew that. It’s good to know that teammates got your back. It was good to hear that from him.”

Now, Durant, Green, and the rest of the Warriors are set to head back to the Bay area with a 3-1 series lead. Their next game against New Orleans will be on Tuesday night.