Keisha Hunt is the heartbeat of comedy!
Standing confident and powerful at 4ft’11inches tall, the stand-up comic/writer/actor is a dynamic force to be reckoned with.
Born and raised in Houston’s mercilessly tough north side, nothing came easy for this petite stand-up powerhouse; that is until she tapped into a well of talent that overflowed with comic brilliance.
For Keisha painful memories of a challenging childhood, unsettled family life and the unexpected reality of single motherhood wraps her comedy in layers so gritty and soulful, audiences get completely lost in its provocatively funny truth. By the end of her story, Hunt’s wild stream of consciousness pulls you under like a rip current. Laughter is your only rescue.
Whether it’s in front of a sold out audience at Houston’s renowned Improv, or t-v cameras on the set of “Whos Got Jokes” and “Last Comic standing”, Keisha effortlessly spins her well crafted tale of real life. Her talent has elevated her to the top of the pack on “Jamie Foxx Presents: America’s Funniest Comics” Vol.4 (On DVD).  Tour with Nephew Tommy in the “3 Lady’s and a Tommy tour” and the ”Nbc’s Stand-Up for Diversity,Finalist Showcase”. Keisha showcases her innate ability to mesmerize audiences as part of a gifted ensemble. Crowds across the nation lose themselves in her raw emotion. Keisha’s material is so wickedly funny, she transforms into your deepest guilty pleasure right before your eyes! A few of her most fulfilling accomplishments was one with MWR (Comedy Rocks Tour) where she was recruited to entertain our troops in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Japan and winning the 40 year contest as the only woman to every do so;” STAND UP ITS MILLERTIME”
Connect with Keisha via, facebook ,twitter, and instagram. You can even get a taste of the comedy that has everyone saying “Yeah Buddy” courtesy of Keisha’s wildly funny stories on Pandora and Sirius Satellite. Find out why Keisha Hunt is the world’s new favorite comic!!