Justin “Lucky” Williams

The noblest thing that a person can do is helping others without expectation. Selflessness is better understood as someone who thinks of others welfare first before theirs. Ex-hustler JUSTIN “LUCKY” WILLIAMS will prove you that such man still exists. His life is an inspiring story that change is an achievable undertaking to become a great person one should be in his lifetime. He has a strong will of converting himself from a self-centered person to a generous, sincere, sympathetic individual that supports the idea of being grateful for the life one has live.

“My dream was to give back without receiving.” with no single hesitation felt, it only means that his willingness, out of kindness gesture is far greater than helping others with agendas. His generosity became known to the community that others would consider him a hero: a kind of hero that nowadays is rare to find or will be a tough driving force for someone to be in that position without any retribution.

Like most teenagers, he wasn’t spared from struggling to fit in and find his identity. Fortunate enough, he graduated from an alternative school after being involved from the wrong crowd. Luckily, he was admitted at the Alabama State. But the attempt to straight off with his goal was not that easy either. He was kicked out from school, got suspended and even went to jail for drug entanglement. Later on, he discovered an unclouded path to his life’s purpose by the help of a Good Samaritan lady.

Due to desperation and a vague road ahead, Texas was his good escape goat. He found the life he never expected he would found. With a starting investment of $100, two bags of fries and 100 pieces of chicken wings, who would have thought that his business, named Hungry Heroes will become huge success in terms of its customers and revenue. It attracted a lot of people enough to keep his business rolling and to start a feeding program for the homeless.

“I asked God, please give me success, and I will do what he asks me to do.” One thing that he committed himself to give back to the people for the bountiful blessings God has given him.