James Bond actor Roger Moore has died at age 89 after a “short but brave battle with cancer” in Switzerland on Monday.

Moore rose to fame as the third and longest actor to play British secret agent “007,” James Bond, in seven feature films released between 1973 and 1985 that were based on the books by Ian Fleming.


Roger Moore landed on the James Bond role at age 46. Photo by ScreenFish

“We know our own love and admiration will be magnified many times over, across the world, by people who knew him for his films, his television shows and his passionate work for UNICEF which he considered to be his greatest achievement,” his children, Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian, said in a tweet using Moore’s account.

A London-native and the son of a police officer and a housewife, Moore dropped out of high school and went to work as an animation apprentice with a British film company.

He started acting in 1945 and landed roles in films like “Vacation from Marriage,” “Julius Caesar,” and “The Saint,” before acquiring the role of James Bond at age 46.

According to IMDB, he had been cast as one of the voices in the forthcoming 2018 animated film “Toll Hunters.”

In an interview with NPR in 2014, the actor shared he did not believe that death was the end.

“My attitude about death is, going into the next room, and it’s a room that the rest of us can’t get into because we don’t have the key,” he said. “But when we do get the key, we’ll go in there and we’ll see one another again, in some shape or form, or whatever.”

Meanwhile, the family will hold a private funeral in Monaco as per Moore’s wishes, his children’s statement said.