North Carolina student Justin Blackman seems to have a bright future ahead of him in activism. Blackman who attends Wilson Preparatory Academy in Wilson, North Carolina decided to join the national protest and at 10 a.m. on Wednesday like thousands of students around the nation he walked out of class to protest the Parkland, Florida high school shooting.

When the time came Justin calmly got up and exited his Spanish class only to find out that he was the only one participating according to CNN.

Of the 700 students that attend the Wilson Preparatory Academy in Wilson, North Carolina, Justin was the only one outside for the national school walkout.

The teenager expressed concern that he was the only one by stating on his Twitter

“Umm… hello Twitter, there’s going to be like six people watching this hopefully,” Justin expressed in a video posted to his account. “It’s National Walkout Day, I’m the only one from my school out here.”

After 17 minutes, Justin headed back to his Spanish class hoping he wouldn’t get in trouble. To his surprise he didn’t get in trouble but instead congratulated for stepping out.

Justin realized that, “Now, I truly know that one person is all it takes.” He continued, “No matter the age, skin color, gender—it doesn’t matter.”

Although shocked that students didn’t participate, Justin’s mom Megan was not surprised that her son took part in the walk out.

“Justin is very opinionated,” explained Megan. “He’s not a follower. Strong minded.”

CNN reached out to the school for a comment

“We teach our students to be independent thinkers,” explained school representative Janet Conor-Knox. “Blackman is an independent thinker.”