At least 27 people were killed and 50 were injured when ISIS bombed a car outside an ice cream parlor in central Baghdad and the state-run Public Pension Office near the al-Shahada (Martyrs’) Bridge in the busy Shawaka district, on Tuesday, according to officials in the Iraqi capital.

“They targeted a group of civilians; families, women, and children in these nights of Ramadan and this is clear evidence that this organization is a terrorist one trying to kill civilians by any means,” Iraqi Interior Minister Qasim Mohammad al-Araji told journalists.



As part of the holy month of Ramadan, families were gathering after breaking their daily fast when the bomb near the ice cream shop was detonated and killed at least 15 and wounded 27 people.

A few hours later, another explosive was released in Shawaka district, killing at least 12 and wounded at least 23 people.

Meanwhile, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and said they targeted a gathering of Shiites as stated on Twitter and Telegram by the group’s media wing, Amaq.

Two days before the ice cream shop explosion, a suicide bomber, who Iraqi police attributed to ISIS, also killed four security officers at a security checkpoint northeast of Baghdad, while 10 people were wounded in the blast.

Due to frequent bombings, al-Araji said authorities would “track (ISIS) down wherever they may be.”