Dwayne Wade

Issac Baldizon/Getty Images

Basketball great Dwayne Wade avoided answering if he believed the Miami Heat‘s Game 4 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers would be his final game in Miami.

“I don’t want to answer that right now,” followed by a slight smile, “I’ve got another game to play. I’m focused on the next game.”

A veteran in the league, Wade 36 and in his 15th season has had speculation amplify of his retirement in the last year. 

“Just taking time to think, that’s all I’m doing,” he said last week, per Ramona Shelburne of ESPN. “Taking time to think and looking at every angle and what’s the best situation for me to be in. That’s all. It’s a lot of different, it’s a lot of different things that come into play.”

Wade has said if he does return for a 16th season, it will be with the Heat.

“Someone like Vince [Carter] can go anywhere and play. Every year, he can go to do a different location,” Wade noted. “I can’t hop to here and there. So, it makes it a little tougher.”

Proving that his dominance in the game is still to be taken in consideration Wade, has made an impressive showing this playoff season.

“I definitely was trying to lead my team,” Wade said, per D’Angelo. “Coach put the ball in my hand and I was trying to lead us to try to steal one, in a sense, once they took the lead, we were trying to steal one here back at home, so we could go back 2-2.”

“We’re going to get back to finding out what it is to try to get better, to get to that point,” Wade said. “Like I told them, ‘We have nothing to lose, man… Our only goal, our only thing we have to do is put everything we have on the line.’ We’re trying to make a series out of this so let’s go in and just play free but play hard, play the Miami Heat way, live with the results from there.”