Despite what social media might lead you to believe, Black people are still missing and underrepresented in the travel space. For Kellee Edwards, seeing pretty photos wasn’t enough, she did not see Black people on television talking about travel and diving deep into the global community. So with her passport – and her broadcast journalism degree in hand – Edwards set out to change the images we see of Black people and travel. After building a vlog and online moniker as Kellee Set Go, and even becoming a pilot and licensed diver, she set her sights on a new adventure – getting her very own travel show.

Just as with travel, the road wasn’t always easy, but now Edwards is the first black woman ever to host on the Travel Channel with her show Mysterious Islands, where she’s taking viewers on a journey to experience the less traveled islands of the world. ESSENCE.comcaught up with the history making jetsetter to get details on how she landed her opportunity on the Travel Channel, and what she thinks is next for Black travel.

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