Hilarious SNL Sketch Cut Due to Time - Check it Out

Perhaps the greatest moment on Saturday’s SNL with Nicki Minaj as the special guest performer with Tina Fey was not aired. Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon filmed a hilarious sketch on Saturday Night Live in which they impersonate a HAIM which didn’t make the show due to time constraints. The women acted as ride-or-dies who will protect one another through song.

Comedic singing was on full display. Phrases like “My words are my knife,” “Said I’m gonna cut deep” and “I’m gonna rip up her whole life”.

“Nothing is safe from Fake Haim’s wrath: Not your Instagram posts, not your looks, not even your mom. When Nicki Minaj pops in and Aidy Bryant starts to tell her what’s wrong, Minaj doesn’t hesitate to go in: “Oh girl, I don’t even know who it is!” Minaj’s rap is hilarious and made me generally miss her. “You low-key my wife/You my bitch for life.” TELL ’EM!!!”

Check out the hilarious video below.