The Scorpion strikes back!

If you thought Summer ‘16 was scorching, Drake heats up summer ‘18 even more this Friday with the drop of his fifth studio album: Scorpion.

All the speculations of the two-sides album turned out to be true with a total of 25 tracks.

Side A contains the artist’s rap artistry.
Addressing the Pusha T beef, responding to the Kanye line in ‘No Mistake,’ a Jay- Z feature, and confirmation of being introduced to fatherhood.

Side B is the smooth R&B side.
Mellow rhythms, slow jams, a Michael Jackson feature, and soothing hooks.
Definitely a relaxing vibe.

Scorpion shows what seems to be, a more matured version of the artist.
Shining light on many rumors that have had his name dragged through the mud this year.

He has been patient and silent for long enough. Drake holds nothing back this time around and reminds everyone that the Scorpion’s sting will always be viscous!